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5th Annual A-CURE
Public Symposium

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Award Winners

Lija Swain, PhD

LV Unloading Protects Against Both Ischemic and Reperfusion Injury

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Kay Everett, MD, PhD

Acute Hemodynamic Effects of Pre-Emptive Impella Unloading Before VA-ECMO in a Preclinical Model of Acute MI

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Renata Mazurek, MD

Negative impacts of acute reloading following use of mechanical LV unloading

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Runner Up's

Pankaj Jain, PhD

Acute Hemodynamic Effects of VA-ECMO on Left Ventricular Mechano-energetics: The Ramp and Clamp Study

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Jakob Josiassen, PhD

Impella RP versus pharmacologic vasoactive treatment in profound cardiogenic shock due to acute ischemic occlusion of the right coronary artery

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Taro Kariya, MD

RV energetic efficiency improvement during LV unloading in post-myocardial infarction pig

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A-CURE Symposium


Dan Burkhoff, MD, PhD

The State of the Field: Our Current Understanding of Ventricular Unloading

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MIT and Abiomed

A Successful Industry and Academic Collaboration: A Panel Discussion

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Pediatric Physicians

Unloading in a Pediatric Population: A Panel Discussion

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Navin Kapur, MD

A New Role for Circulatory Support Devices to Limit Ischemia Reperfusion Injury

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Mark Anderson, MD

A New Strategy for Treatment of Patients with Type 1 Cardiorenal Syndrome with Impella

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Herman Reichenspurner, MD, PhD

Impella 5.5 as Ideal Bridge to LVAD

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William O’Neill, MD

Updates from the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative

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Bob Kloner, MD, PhD   Kiyo Ishikawa, MD

Investigating Treatment with Therapeutic Hypothermia (TH) for Ischemia of the Heart & Mechanical LV Unloading and Therapeutic Hypothermia

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Elric Zwec, MD

Identification of Three Phenotypes of Cardiogenic Shock

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Zach George, MD

DTU STEMI Trial Updates

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